Product Success Report


The Product Success Report is one of the standard reports you can run in the Reporting Interface. View the instructions for accessing the report.

Report Summary

The Product Success Report is a transaction-level report that will help you learn which products have been bought by customers who were referred from your site. It also shows if any orders were cancelled or returned, which impacts your commission. The displayed product information is dependent on how much detail is provided by advertisers.


To maintain the integrity of a product-based report, the Product Success Report does not include commissions earned from cost per click (CPC) or cost per mille (CPM) offers. This is because all clicks and impressions cannot be associated with a specific product.

This is what a sample Product Success Report looks like:

Click on the image for a larger version.


You can customize the report in many ways by adding or removing columns for various data fields.

Key Data

By default, you can view products sold by advertiser name, SKU, and product name, as well as orders, sales, and commissions earned.

 Success Tip

Try filtering by advertiser name to isolate certain records. You can then analyze which products or product types were referred to the most and base your strategy on these results.

Learn more about the capabilities available in the Reporting Interface.

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