Tiered Offers and Commissions

Tiered Offers

Advertisers can create tiered offers that compensate publishers with tiered commissions based on the amount of sales generated. These offer higher commissions for greater sales.

Transactions are evaluated at the end of each month to determine if they qualify for certain tiers. At the beginning of each month, commissions start back at the first tier on all tiered offers.

This is an example of how commission rates and rules are detailed for a tiered offer in the Publisher Dashboard:

Click on the image for a larger version.

Tiered Commissions

There are two types of tiering, standard and progressive:

  • Standard means your entire month's commissions are based on the rate for the final amount of the total month's sales.
  • Progressive means each tier is calculated separately.

For example, you accept a tiered offer with the following commission structure:

Tier 1 Range Commission Rate
1 $0-1000 6 %
2 $1001-3000 8 %
3 $3001+ 10 %


If you generate $4000 in sales, you commission will be the following:

  • For a standard commission type, you will receive a 10% commission on the complete amount, so your total for this specific offer will be $400.
  • For a progressive commission type:
    • The first $1000 will be commissioned at 6%, generating $60 in commissions.
    • The next $2000 will be commissioned at 8%, generating $160 in commissions.
    • The final $1000 will be commissioned at 10%, generating $100 in commissioned.
    • All tiers combined will result in $320 in commissions.

Reporting Limitations

Most reports and APIs will not show adjustments based on tiers as orders are reported in real time. Instead, commissions are adjusted during the monthly invoice generation and all orders for the month receive an adjusted amount to reflect the total commissions earned for the month.

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