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Apple ITP


Apple has a feature for Safari browsers called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). The ITP functionality alters how Safari manages cookies, specifically the ability to access cookies in a third-party context. Apple continues to update ITP functionality since the initial release.


  • ITP 2.2
    • Update enabled targeting cookies accessible in a first-party context when deemed to be used for consumer tracking purposes.
    • This update overrides the first-party-defined expiration period of the cookie to 24 hours, which limits our tracking window.
  • ITP 2.3
    • Introduced a new behavior that, under certain circumstances, limits access to all browser storage methods, like local storage, to seven days.
    • This means that information stored in other non-cookie browser storage can be lost after seven days if the user hasn’t interacted with the website in the meantime. Information stored in cookies set via JavaScript scripts will still expire after one day when users arrive via certain cross-site capable domains with tracking links, as introduced with ITP 2.2.

Impact to Publishers

ITP releases 2.2 and 2.3 impact first-party cookies when deemed to be used to track consumers, meaning advertisers will have less information about which publishers deserve to be commissioned beyond a 24-hour window. This essentially means you may get paid less. You should think about how much of your traffic comes through Safari browsers and how Apple ITP updates will affect your business and partnerships.

How to Tell if an Advertiser is Apple ITP Compliant

You can view the advertiser's ITP Compliance status in the Features and Services tab for the advertiser in the publisher dashboard.

Going Forward

At Rakuten Advertising, we continue to work with impacted advertisers to update their tracking process, so that it is compatible with the ITP functionality. Our recommendation is for advertisers to migrate to either an Enterprise Web Service (EWS) server-to-server tracking process or a Performance Tag for Advertisers. The Performance Tag for Advertisers allows us to enable the additional tagging on the advertiser's behalf. We recommend advertisers use both tracking methods together.

If you have additional questions, please contact your dedicated Rakuten Advertising representative or contact Customer Support.

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