Bank Information for Switzerland

Dashboard Requirements for Swiss Bank Information

If you select direct deposit in the Publisher Dashboard, you are prompted to enter the following account information. The international routing number (SIC) and account number can be obtained from the financial institution where your account is held. The SIC is numeric and normally 3-5 digits in length.

Account numbers are 3-16 characters in length and may include letters, digits, and even certain punctuation characters, such as periods and hyphens. Account numbers may or may not contain a check digit. Do not add leading zeros.

Special requirements apply to post-finance bank accounts (SWIFT address POFICHBE):

  • Post-finance bank accounts with clearing numbers 199 or 00199 require the inclusion of a “blue payment slip” reference number.
  • Post-finance bank account numbers that are five digits in length require the inclusion of a 15-digit reference number.
  • If a post-finance bank account number is formatted as cc-nnnnnn-d or nnnnnnnnn and the first two characters are 01, it requires the inclusion of a 16- to 27-digit reference number. If the first two characters are not 01, no reference number is required.


If a post-finance bank account requires an additional reference number, use CTX as the standard entry class (SEC) code and place all reference numbers in an additional addenda (type 7) record according to CTX formatting standards.

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