Create an Impression Pixel in Deep Links

When creating deep links, it is important to know that impression-tracking pixels are not automatically generated. In cases where impression tracking is required, you may generate an impression pixel using the following process:

<IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="[Encrypted_ID]&bids=[Group_Offer_ID]&type=10&subid=0">
  1. Replace [Encrypted_ID] in the above impression pixel with your affiliate/encrypted ID (SID)
  2. Replace [Group_Offer_ID]
  3. Copy and paste the resulting impression pixel into the HTML code of the page alongside the corresponding deep link.

Encrypted ID

The affiliate, or encrypted, ID (SID) is a unique 11-character alphanumeric code used in your affiliate links that tells Rakuten Advertising exactly which publisher the click came from. It is sometimes referred to as the encrypted ID or tracking ID.

Your encrypted ID can be found on the publisher dashboard by selecting Advertisers then My Advertisers, clicking on one of your advertisers, selecting the Link tab on their advertiser details page, and then clicking Get Link. The 11-character code following “id=” is your encrypted ID.

Group Offer ID

The group offer ID is a unique number that identifies the advertiser offer, which represents the terms of an advertiser program available to publishers.

The group offer ID can be found on the publisher dashboard by selecting Advertisers then My Advertisers, selecting an advertiser by clicking their name, and then clicking the Offers tab. Click on Full Details.  Find the group offer ID at the top left of the page.

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