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We are constantly adding new column fields to the Reporting Interface to improve the reports we offer and to keep up with new features and functionality in our interface. You can customize any report by adding and removing these column fields to refine your results.

Column Field Categories

Column fields are organized by category, and some fields might be placed in two or more categories. These are the categories you will see; click the + to view definitions for them:

Provides quantitative measures for assessing your performance.
Use the fields in this category to isolate data from specific advertisers. This allows you to view which partnerships are making the biggest impact.
Displays click-related data, including click position, click-through rate (CTR), earnings per click (EPC), and the total number of clicks within the selected date range.

Displays a breakdown of your commission-related data.

If you participate in offers with tiered commission structures, the Adjusted Commission column displays the commission that is added to the baseline commission when you reach a certain level of sales.

If you participate in Dynamic Commissioning offers, use the Commissioning List ID and Commissioning List Name columns to identify the Dynamic Commissioning List applied to a transaction.

Use the fields in this category to identify the links that generated the most clicks and orders.
Provides information on when transactions were reported by the advertiser or completed by the consumer. If you use Signature, two fields also display when our system matched the referring Signature information to a transaction.
Displays the region, country, or city the consumer was in when they clicked your link.
Mobile and Technology
Provides information on the browser, device, and operating system the consumer was using when they clicked your link.

Provides information on the network the advertiser belongs to. For the Network ID field, possible values are:

  • 1 = United States
  • 3 = United Kingdom
  • 5 = Canada
  • 7 = France
  • 8 = Brazil
  • 9 = Germany
  • 11 = Japan
  • 41 = Australia
Non-Commissionable Sales
Displays information on sales and items for which commissions were not applicable, as well as the reason the transaction was non-commissionable.
Displays identifiers for each offer and SKU list.
Provides information on the order and average order value.
Identifies the products sold.
Identifies the members of a sub-network.
Transaction Details
Use these fields to identify traffic sources, particularly when checking for bot activity. If you use Signature, the Member ID (u1) field populates with the value you appended to your link code.
Additional Transaction Details
Most of the column fields in this category are used by advertisers to determine the parameters of a Dynamic Commissioning offer.


Once you are running a report, follow these steps to customize it:

  1. Click the Add and Remove Columns button.
  2. This opens a menu from which you can check or uncheck column fields. Hover over a column field to view a definition of the field:

    screenshot of hover behavior over columns.png

  3. Once you have made your selection, click Apply.


Some column fields may be incompatible with certain reports due to interference with the default column fields in the report.

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