Exchange Rates Effect on Commission Payments


As our publishers are located and doing business throughout the world, currency exchange rates are important when discussing payments.

We have three payment options, each affected differently by currency exchanges.


We issue checks based on the currency of the international network. There is no foreign exchange for check payments. You may receive payment by check only if your country is approved for international check.


PayPal payments are issued in the currency of the network in which the transactions were made. It is the publisher’s responsibility to accept PayPal currency fees, or to keep the payment in its original network currency.

Direct Deposit

For direct deposit, exchange rates are calculated and applied by the processing bank using the following method.

  1. Publisher payments are issued by Rakuten Advertising in the network currency.
  2. Payments are then received by our banking vendor.
  3. The banking vendor then determines the foreign exchange rate based on the daily market rates using network currency and publisher currency. These rates are then applied to calculate the final payment amount.
  4. Final payment amounts are then electronically transferred to publisher bank partner.
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