API Error Codes


As you run reports via API, you may come across an API error code or message. Below are common API errors you may encounter and ways to address them. Information about HTTP status codes is also available externally. 

Error Codes

These are the common error codes; click the + for more information:

301 Moved Permanently
The URL has changed or has been redirected. Update the URL in the request.
400 Bad Request


{"code":400,"message":"Invalid report name."}

{"code":400,"message":Invalid date type."}

{"errors":["Invalid date range"]}

Your request contains a report that does not exist or contains an invalid date. To resolve this error, log in to your dashboard and double-check that your report exists and that your dates are correct.

403 Forbidden


{ ""code"": 403, ""message"": ""Access Denied"" }

This error means that your credentials were invalid. Log in to your dashboard and get the correct API token for your account.

404 Not Found

This error indicates the origin server did not find a current representation for the targeted source. This may be a temporary issue; we recommend checking the URL and trying again.

429 Too Many Requests

Requests using the Reporting APIs are limited to three concurrent calls at any given time. If you try to run more than three requests at once, you will receive an error on all further requests until one or more of the existing requests are complete.

If you are using scripted calls, make sure you are not making more than three simultaneous calls. If you are executing unlimited API calls, either pause or put a limit on calls in your code.

499 or 500 Internal Server Error
An error has occurred in our system. Contact your account representative or Customer Support for assistance.

For additional assistance with API errors, contact Customer Support.

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