Reporting Interface Overview


You can use a variety of reports in the Reporting Interface to track and analyze performance, which can help you improve and maximize sales.

To access the Reporting Interface in the Publisher Dashboard, go to Reports in the navigation header and click Performance:

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In the Reporting Interface, you can:

  • Run a variety of reports simultaneously, each in its own tab.
  • Visualize each report with a graph.
  • View summary cards for each report.
  • Save or schedule each report for future use.
  • Acquire the API for any report.
  • Create report categories for easier access to saved reports.
  • Filter reports and add or remove metrics and data fields for a customized view.
  • Compare any number of date ranges over a three-year period.

Standard Reports

The Reporting Interface includes a list of built-in reports you can choose from and customize. View instructions for running any of these reports. Click any report name below for more details:

Gross Sales and Commissions Report
This report allows you to easily compare your sales and total commissions together with the gross sales and gross total commissions for each advertiser.
Individual Item Report
This report shows your sales broken down by the time and date that each item was sold. You can view each sale according to time of day, transaction date, advertiser name, SKU, product name, the number of items, and total commission.
Link Type Report
This report shows which of your links are working most effectively. You can add columns to track and compare the activity of each link type used and to evaluate the performance of each individual link.
Media Optimization Report
This report offers a near real-time snapshot of the transactions that you refer to advertisers. This allows you to monitor placements and make other strategic decisions almost simultaneously. This report is available from advertisers who report their transaction data in real-time and who have approved you for the Media Optimization Report.
Multi-Touch Commissioning Report
This report is for publishers who accepted a first-click offer from an advertiser. It reports first- and last-click commissions earned, the click dates, and the advertiser paying each commission.
Non-Commissionable Sales Report
This report displays transactions that did not result in commissions as well as the reason why the commission could not be paid.
Offer Report
This report allows you to compare and analyze the success of the different types of programs among your advertiser accounts. You can view impressions, click-throughs, sales, commissions, and more for each offer.
Product Success Report
This report tells you about the products that have been bought by customers who were referred from your site.
Revenue Reports
These reports detail which days, weeks, and months are your most successful. You can view impressions, click-throughs, orders, items sold, sales, and commissions by period.
Sales and Activity Report
This report shows the performance of your participating advertiser programs. Add columns to analyze the effectiveness of certain link types, the products sold, and the revenue generated.
Signature Activity Report
If you use our Signature technology, this report shows your link activity down to the individual user level. Even if you do not use the Signature u1 value in your links, you can still run the Signature Activity report to view all your link activity.
Signature Orders Report
This report provides an itemized view of transactions made by each member, organization, or subsite. Like the Signature Activity Report, you can still run this report even if you do not use the Signature u1 value in your links.

Reporting Fields

Learn more about the common fields included in many of the standard reports and the additional columns of data that are available to you.

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