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Once approved into an advertiser's program, you can get their affiliate links to promote their products and services. These affiliate links can be found in your Publisher Dashboard. Links are unique to your account and include parameters to ensure you are credited for your commissions. They will need to be copied and pasted or loaded onto your site. 

 Success Tip

You may post links from multiple advertisers or offers on your website as long as you are partnered with those advertisers.

Find Links

You can search for links to add to your site in several ways:

  • Going to Links in the navigation header and clicking Find Links.
  • Clicking Search in the navigation header and selecting Product Links, Text Links, or Banners from the drop-down menu in the pop-up.

Once you have found the link you want, you have two options:

To use an advertiser's links, you must have an active partnership. If you are not approved and click Get a Link, you will be directed to the Advertisers Profile to apply. If you have just been approved, it may take an hour for you to be able to copy their links.

Use Link Code

Understanding your tools and where you plan to use the link code will determine the right link type for you.

  • Copy URL link:

    This option is for tracking on sites where you do not manage the HTML and only need the tracking portion of the code. This Uniform Resource Locator (URL) will look like a web address. To ensure you are credited for activity, the URL contains relevant link code parameters. These include a redirect, affiliate ID, offer ID, link ID, sub ID, and link type.

    A URL link may be appropriate for embedding in newsletters or emails. URL links are also easy to shorten for use on social media.

  • Copy HTML link:

    This option includes the full HTML code to embed a text link or image, as selected. The HTML contains relevant link code parameters to ensure you are credited for the activity.

    Once you have the link code as you want it, you need to load it to your site. Systems used to manage sites differ, so follow your site instructions for publishing affiliate HTML link code like any other HTML code. If you have questions about how to publish links on your site, contact your content management or platform provider. These are general instructions:

    1. Follow the same process you use to create or update your web page with HTML code.
    2. Click the cursor where you want the link to appear.
    3. Paste the link code you copied from the dashboard.
    4. Save the changes.
    5. Your newly created links will direct users to the site.
      • It can take up to 30 minutes to be active. 
      • Newly generated product links may take up to two hours.

    If your website was created using a website authoring tool or content management system, you might need to upload the changes to your server. For help, contact your site’s administrator, website platform vendor, or social media platform support.

Additional Resources

Once loaded, you should test your links to ensure they work properly. As your program grows it is important you understand tracking technology and how affiliate link code works.

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  • How can I tell my link is associated with my account?

  • Samantha, as recommended in the article above, read this article for information about link code and your affiliate ID which indicates your account. 


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