Create Deep Links

To create a deep link to one or more pages on an advertiser's website from your Publisher Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Check the advertiser’s features and services information to confirm that they offer deep linking.
  2. Copy the URL link to the product or service from your advertiser partner’s website that you want to link to.
  3. Go to Links then Link Tools. This will take you to the Deep Links tab:

  4. Select the advertiser.
  5. Select the output format for the link: URL, Text link, or Image link. You can use a URL shortener, such as or others, provided all the required pieces of the URL are included. Click the + for instructions on each link output format:
    Enter the destination URL. You can enter up to 50.
    Text link
    1. Enter the destination URL.
    2. Enter the copy for your text link (for example, Free shipping at [website].com!)
    Image link
    1. Enter the destination URL
    2. Enter the URL of the lead image you want to display. To get the URL for the image, right-click on the image on the advertiser's site and select Copy Image Address or Copy Image Link, depending on your browser.
  6. For all link types, if you are enabled for Signature, you can enter an u1 value to indicate a member ID or other information. If not, leave this optional field blank.
  7. Click Create Deep Link to generate the link code. From there, you can:
    1. Preview the link.
    2. Copy the code to paste onto your site.

When you return to the Deep Links creation tab, you can access your Deep Links by clicking See most recently created links. You will have access to your recently created links page until you log out of the dashboard.

Success Tip

You can also use the Deep Links API to create deep links and create deep links outside of the Publisher Dashboard.

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