Special Offers


An advertiser creates a special offer to provide a particular commission rate on a select group of their products. Typically, a special offer is used in combination with the advertiser's regular offers.

If a consumer purchases a product covered by a special offer, you will earn a commission based on the special offer terms. If a consumer purchases a product that is not covered by the special offer, you will earn a commission based on the regular offer you are in.


Advertisers can make a special offer private and only invite select publishers to participate.

Viewing and Joining Special Offers

To view special offers in the Publisher Dashboard, access an advertiser’s Offers tab on their details page. The Offers tab is also where you can view the start and end date and time for a special offer, the products that are included in it, the number of return days, and other information.

To participate in a special offer, click the Join and Switch button. A pop-up containing the advertiser’s Terms and Conditions will appear. These vary per advertiser, so be sure to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

You cannot participate in the offer unless you check the checkbox to indicate that you accept the terms and conditions:

screenshot of accepting terms and conditions when joining a special offer.png

Important Considerations

Once you opt into a special offer, you remain in it until it expires. Evaluate whether the offer is right for you before opting in.

For example, an advertiser's regular offer pays a 5% commission on all their products, but they create a special offer that pays publishers $2 per item for all electronic products. This means the $2 per-item commission is paid instead of the 5% commission. If you have successfully sold electronic products for this advertiser, but nearly all the purchases have been on products over $40, then the advertiser's regular offer is better.

Multiple Offers and Commissioning

You can accept multiple special offers simultaneously. If a customer purchases a product that is covered in more than one of the special offers you accepted, the special offer that you accepted most recently takes priority over the others. You will be paid that most recent special offer’s commission.

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