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After you apply to join an advertiser’s program, your account enters their queue of publishers pending approval. The advertiser will review your application and decide whether they want to partner with you. If your application does not meet the advertiser’s criteria, your partnership request may be declined.

You will be notified of a rejection via the Notifications tab in the top menu of your Publisher Dashboard. You can also check your partnership status in the dashboard.

 Success Tip

Some advertisers automatically approve all publishers.

Rejection Types

These are the types of rejections you might see; click the + to learn more:

Automatically Declined
Advertisers may set screening criteria that must be met, otherwise the system will automatically decline the application. The automatic rejection process on the advertiser side blocks your application from being submitted, meaning that, from the system’s standpoint, there was no attempt at forming the relationship. If your application is automatically declined, then your site has not met any preset approval qualifications.
Temporarily Declined
This decline occurs if the advertiser decides there is potential for a mutually beneficial relationship but first needs you to address some aspects of your current account information. You can reapply after 15 days.
Permanently Declined
This decline occurs if the advertiser decides there is no potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Advertisers’ Criteria

Advertisers consider these four criteria when reviewing your application; click the + to learn more:

Web Presence

You have a live and accessible website, blog, or social media page.

This criterion is the most important because having a website, blog, or customized social media page is a prerequisite to participating in affiliate marketing. If advertisers cannot access your website when they review your application, they are likely to decline your partnership request.

Country of Residence
Not all advertisers ship internationally. If you apply to partner with an advertiser who does not ship to your country of residence, you will likely be rejected automatically. For these rejections, there is no opportunity for reconsideration. We advise you to periodically check the shipping policies of such advertisers to see if they start shipping to your country of residence. These are listed in the Features and Services tab of an advertiser's details page.
Traffic Requirements

You have an adequate level of incoming traffic and affiliate marketing transaction activity.

Many advertisers expect your website to attract a certain level of traffic before approving your application. Advertisers determine your traffic according to your marketing channel information and with other tools. Inadequate traffic may lead to automatic or temporary rejections.

Additionally, advertisers may temporarily reject your application if you are very new to the network. This indicates that the advertiser wants to see you build up traffic and sales activity with Rakuten Advertising before approving you for their program.

General Content

The general content, quality, and style of your site. Your content should be original, of high quality, and it should add value for your visitors.

Some advertisers are very protective of their brands. Your choice of category may trigger an automatic rejection if the advertiser does not want to be associated with that category or your target demographic. The style or look of your website can also cause a rejection from advertisers.

Being Reconsidered

If your partnership request is declined, we recommend you do the following:

  • Review the advertiser’s approval guidelines and terms and conditions. These can be found on their details page.
  • See if the above criteria apply to your situation.
  • Review your site information. Check that there are no typos in the website URL and that it is live and accessible.
  • Consider editing the value for unique visitors per month and page views per month. You can do so from your channel’s details page. If your website is new, set the values for your unique visitors and page views per month to what you expect to see.
  • Make sure the category designation for your website represents its general content and purpose.

Once you have reviewed your program and addressed any issues, you may contact the advertiser directly for reconsideration of your application. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page. Provide the advertiser with your publisher SID so that they can easily identify your account. If the advertiser had only temporarily declined your application, reapply after 15 days have passed.

Further Assistance

Contact Customer Support for additional help with handling advertiser rejections, particularly in the case of an automatic or permanent decline.

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