Offers Overview


An offer represents the terms for compensation in an advertiser's program available to publishers. Our advertisers set their own offers, and these offers vary from one advertiser to the next.

Offers can include commissions based on a set percentage of sales, on the number of impressions or click-throughs, or on a combination of these. Offers can also be based on a flat fee for the performance of a certain action or generating a lead, such as making a phone call, downloading an application, or filling out a form for a customer lead.

Offers Types

Advertisers can create three types of offers:

  1. A baseline offer: this offer is typically public and is the one you join when you apply to an advertiser’s program.
  2. Private offers: these include special program terms advertisers make available to select publishers. Learn more about private offers.
  3. Special offers: advertisers create a special offer to provide different commission rates for particular products. Special offers are combined with regular private or public offers, meaning you can join special offers in addition to the regular offer you are in. Learn more about special offers.

Parts of an Offer

Generally, offers contain these key components; click the + for more details on each component:

Offer Name
What the offer is called.
Offer Type
Offers can be public, meaning they are available to all publishers, or private, meaning they are available to selected publishers only.
Offer Terms
These include specifics for this offer and publisher approval guidelines. You are prompted to accept these terms when you join an offer. Advertisers may at times change their offer terms.
Group Offer ID
The identification number corresponding to your offer that you can reference in the future.
Offer Start and Offer Ends Dates and Times
Advertisers can set their offers to begin and end at any point during the day.
Return Days
The number of days that can elapse between a referred customer's initial visit and a return visit in which they make a purchase that will earn the referring publisher a commission. This is sometimes referred to as the cookie window.
Offers enabled for auto-renew will not expire.
Supporting Material
This section may contain additional materials from the advertiser.
Commission Rates and Rules
The specifics of the offer. This can indicate whether the offer is for all products or specific products and whether it is paid on a percentage of the sale (CPS), payment-per-action (CPA), payment-per-click (CPC), or payment-per-1,000 impressions (CPM).
Guidelines for Approval
These are the requirements for you to participate in the advertiser’s offers.

This information is displayed on the offer's details page.

Finding and Joining Offers

Advertiser offers are displayed in your Publisher Dashboard. View instructions for viewing and joining offers.


You can only participate in one non-special offer at a time for each advertiser.

Offer Availability Changes

Advertisers typically change their available offers when they adjust their commission structures. How frequently they do so depends on the advertiser's program. Contact the advertiser directly for more information about why a change was made. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page.

Offer Expiration

You will receive a notification in the dashboard when an offer is close to expiring. When baseline and regular offers expire, you are automatically placed in another offer of the advertiser’s choosing. You do not need to change your links or reapply to partner with the advertiser. You will be commissioned based on the offer you were in at the time that the original click from your site to the advertiser’s occurred on the link.

For More Information

If you have further questions, contact Customer Support.

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