Road Map for New Publishers


There are three phases on the road map for new publishers.

The steps in Phase I should be completed before you join Rakuten Advertising.
Preparing your business plan and your website in advance helps ensure your success in affiliate marketing. You should try to develop a regular, daily following or consistent monthly traffic to your website.

Watch the How Affiliate Marketing Works video to get a deeper understanding of the affiliate marketing world, then review additional activities to build your program.

 Success Tip

Research these topics online, as they are critical to your success.

Phase I

Build your site, business model, brand, following, and website traffic:

  • Choose your market niche and focus.
  • Determine your business model and business plan.
  • Build your website, blog, or social media presence.
  • Generate traffic to your site and grow your audience.
  • Understand basic affiliate marketing monetization and how it fits your brand.

Phase II

Become a Rakuten Advertising Publisher:

Phase III

Grow your program and earn:

Next Steps

Once you have registered and been accepted, find more resources in the Help Center. Contact Customer Support for technical assistance on our dashboard and tools.

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  • As I can see, it is very little information about how to start, especially for people who never had any content to publish on social media. I suggest that you can get in touch with the successful publishers to get an Idea of how they started, and you can pass theses information for the beginners. also, advertiser won't be paying commission unless the product is sold, so I suggest that they can be easy on the new ones who are trying to start this publishing thing. 

  • Hi Samar, you can do searches on the Internet to find detailed information, books and courses about how to get started with affiliate marketing as a publisher...that's beyond the scope of our work here in the Help Center. You can also view our blog, resources and case studies on our website here: . The Help Center is here to help you use our tools in your program. Please take a look at the other articles in this section for more information.

  • can i promote thru faceook  pinterest?

  • Antonio, please review this article for more information about using your social media sites.


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