Reasons Your Payment Amount Is Not What You Expected


This article outlines the possible reasons why some portion of your commission payment is not what you expected.


You were awarded a bonus in addition to your commissions.

Cancelled or Returned Orders

One or more of your orders were cancelled or returned. This may result in a negative amount influencing the total commission. To see if orders were cancelled or returned, run a Product Success Report.

Commissions Carried Forward

The amount of commissions carried forward from a previous invoice when there is a prior negative balance. We never charge back to publishers, so that negative is carried forward until it is exceeded by new commissions. For specific details, review your commission payment.

Cut-Off Date

We issue payments once commissions are received from the advertiser and cleared by the bank. If we did not receive payment from the advertiser by the payment cycle cut-off date, we cannot issue your payment.

To see the status of advertiser payments, check your Advertiser Invoices.

Did Not Qualify

One or more of your orders did not qualify for a commission. A non-commissionable sale is a transaction that occurs on an advertiser’s site but for which commissions are not applicable.

Check to see if some orders were non-commissionable by running a Non-Commissionable Sales Report.


There may have been an adjustment by Rakuten Advertising to your balance due to our account inactivity fee.

Personal Purchase

Whether you can earn commissions on items you purchase for yourself using your affiliate links depends on the advertiser’s terms and conditions. If you cannot find the information, reach out to the advertiser directly. You can find their terms and conditions and contact information in the About tab of their details page.

Learn more about what is included in your commission payment.

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