Commission Payment Schedule


We issue publisher payments based on the payments that advertisers send us. The timing of commission payments depends on when the transactions occurred, when advertiser invoices are reviewed and closed, and whether certain payment criteria are met.

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms require advertisers to review and close invoices by the end of the calendar month once the invoice is posted to them. Payment is due to the network 30 days after the invoice date.

For example, commissions earned in October are invoiced in early November. The invoice is authorized by the advertiser by November 30th. Payment is due to the network by December 31st. Publisher payments are issued by Rakuten in the following week.

Payment amounts are affected by factors including customer order cancellations, returns, and refunds, so your payment may differ from what you expect. Your eligible orders should appear in reports within seven days of the transaction date.


Our network has a minimum payment threshold that you must reach before receiving payments. You can also set your own payment threshold above that amount. Learn more about the minimum payment threshold.


As a publisher, you do not need to do any invoicing. This is done as part of our services: every month, we gather all the relevant billing information and then prepare and send invoices to advertisers. These invoices detail the payments due to the publishers in their programs.

Commission Payments

We issue four publisher payments per month on behalf of advertisers. These are based on the payments that advertisers send to us. The payments are consolidated, meaning that we include all advertiser payments received and cleared as of the day the payment file is authorized. This includes advertiser payments received via wire transfer as of the prior business day.

The Payment Reports page of the Publisher Dashboard contains a summary of each consolidated payment made to you.

Issuing Cash Back or Points

We recommend that publishers who make cash back payments or issue points to their members wait to do so until the respective advertisers have paid for the transactions. View your advertiser invoices to determine whether an advertiser has issued payment for a particular month.

Next Steps

Learn more about your options for payment based on the country in which you reside, including check, direct deposit, and PayPal.

For specific questions about your account and payments, contact Customer Support. We cannot answer those questions in the Help Center.

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