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As a content creator, influencer, or blogger, you have the opportunity to become a publisher, also known as an affiliate. This role allows you to partner with an advertiser and earn commissions for driving sales or other actions, such as leads or software trials, on the advertiser's website. This can be a lucrative way to monetize your online presence.

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Some of the jargon here may not be familiar to you. For definitions of these and other affiliate marketing terms, check out our glossary of terminology

Earning Commission

Rakuten Advertising is a trusted third party that connects advertisers and publishers and provides reporting and payment services. To become an affiliate with Rakuten Advertising, you must apply and be accepted into Rakuten Advertiser's affiliate program.

Once accepted, you can access specially coded affiliate links and banners. These are unique offers and contain your affiliate ID, a code that identifies you as the referral source. You place these on your website, blog, social media, or email. When visitors click on your affiliate link, they are directed to a page on the advertiser's website. Advertisers pay a commission for each qualifying purchase or action you generate for them.

For example, if a visitor clicks an affiliate link on your website, is directed to the advertiser's website or onto a product page, and purchases that product or any other product that is commissionable within a specified time frame and according to different details of your agreement with the advertiser, you will earn a commission for that sale. Other qualifying actions could include signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free trial, or filling out a form to gather contact information.

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Read our Quick Start guide to begin your affiliate journey. 

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