Compliance Holds


Our Network Quality team reviews the account activity of all publishers at various points, such as when applying and when you start earning commissions. Your identity is verified, as well as your website ownership, along with other pertinent information.

Being Put on Hold

If our Network Quality team determines that you may be in violation of the Rakuten Advertising Publisher Agreement or our Network Policies, your account will be placed on a compliance hold while an investigation into the violation takes place. This hold does not terminate tracking of transactions, so commissions can still accrue during this time. However, any commission that is accrued will be under the same compliance hold.

Removing the Hold

If the Network Quality team determines the activity is not in violation of network standards, the compliance hold will be removed from your account. Any commissions held during the investigation would be released and included for payment in the next billing period.

For More Information

If you have additional questions, contact for more information.

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