How do I generate traffic to my website and build my audience?

At Rakuten Affiliate we understand that to find success as an affiliate marketer, there are several foundational steps you need to accomplish first. One of these steps is to generate regular traffic to your website and build an audience for your content. 

Here are a few tips from respected experts in this field:

  1.  Provide unique value in your content: Give searchers and your site visitors a reason to visit and return to your site rather than the competition's site.
  2. Remove unnecessary steps and win more links, shares, and conversions: The easier it is for visitors to perform a desired action (such as clicking on an affiliate link or filling out an email subscription form), the more likely they will be to do it.
  3. Focus on the long-tail keywords: For a new site, getting traffic from top keywords is a challenge. Instead, write lots of authoritative articles on very specific keywords...they usually convert better, as well.
  4. Stick with it: The longer you keep publishing high-quality articles that are of value to your readers, the more likely your site is to appear in search results.
  5. Leverage all internet channels for SEO for organic traffic.
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