Find and Apply to Advertiser Programs


You can find advertiser programs in your Publisher Dashboard and in the Help Center in various ways to suit your needs. We provide detailed instructions below.

 Success Tip

There is no cost to join any advertiser's program. You can apply to join as many programs as you want.

Find Programs

You can find advertiser programs in your Publisher Dashboard in two ways:

  1. Use the search function in the navigation header.
  2. Go to Advertisers in the navigation header and click Find Advertisers. From there, use the search box to look up advertisers by name or by category.

     Success Tip

    If searching across all advertisers, scroll down to the Other Advertisers We Recommend section to view three recommended advertisers based on vertical and partnership status.

Private Programs

Some advertisers choose to make their entire programs and all commission offers private. If this is the case, you will not find them in your search results unless you are already partnered with them.

Contact Customer Support to get information about the advertiser and learn how to apply to their program.

Apply to Programs

Once you have identified an advertiser of interest, click View full details to access their available offers. To learn more about the advertiser, navigate to their About tab. If you wish to apply to their program, click the Apply button.


Advertisers may set screening criteria that must be met or else the system will not allow you to click the Apply button. If you cannot apply to an advertiser’s program in the dashboard, then your site has not met preset approval qualifications.

Terms and Conditions

By applying to an advertiser's program, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions. These vary per advertiser, so read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Decision Notification

The system will notify you to let you know when the advertiser has reviewed and either approved or declined your application.

Advertisers with Certain Features

Some advertisers offer functionalities that might be useful or necessary to your affiliate marketing efforts. You can find lists of these advertisers in the following articles:

Use the search methods detailed in the Find Programs section above to find these advertisers.

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