Features and Services Tab

The Features and Services tab of an Advertiser Profile shows all features available to you from that advertiser.


Each advertiser in the network will configure their program to highlight what features they have available; click the + to see more information.

Product Catalog
The Product Catalog data feed program provides product links and specific product data. It is well-suited to publishers who have the technical expertise and the resources to develop and support a very large database of secure product link URLs (HTTPS) and related product information that is updated on a daily basis.
Sites that are a good fit for the Product Catalog are generally large, more technically complex sites that add value to the shopping experience by drawing upon a large volume of detailed product information and presenting it to the visitors with additional helpful content, such as price comparisons, reviews, or products. This data feed is not currently available in the Beta Publisher Dashboard.
Cross-Device Tracking
Cross-device tracking is a feature that will enable tracking of conversion events generated by the same user on different devices. Tracking of these conversions will be based on a click in a different browser or different device from the browser or device where the actual conversion occurred.
Deep Links
Deep links are affiliate links, including tracking codes, created by publishers that direct a site's visitors to a specific page on an advertiser's site rather than to the advertiser's homepage. They are called deep links because they go deeper into a site.
ITP Compliant
This indicates if the advertiser is compliant and what version of the Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) functionality.


You can also view the important policies for each advertiser for the use of coupons, paid search, gift cards, downloadable software applications, and multi-touch commissioning. Take time to review these policies carefully and make sure you understand them; click the + to see more information.

Paid Search
Advertiser's policies for different aspects of publishers using pay-per-click or paid search marketing to promote the advertiser's products or services.
Gift Cards
Advertiser's policies on when publishers will be eligible to earn commissions on different types of gift cards they promote.
Downloadable Software Applications (DSA)
Advertiser's policies for publishers who provide software tools to consumers such as toolbars, browser extensions plug-ins, or other software, must first be approved by Rakuten Advertising.
Multi-Touch Commissioning
Advertisers' policies about whether their offers allow for multi-touch commissioning, such as first or last-click.


These policies relate to the advertiser's use of coupons specific to affiliate marketing and the use of other coupons by publishers. You can also view any coupon code commissioning rules that are set up with an advertiser.


You can view the advertiser's tracking method, batch or real-time, the date and time of the last transaction processed, and whether or not the advertiser offers media optimization reporting that provides a near-real-time snapshot of the leads you refer to the advertiser.

Delivery Options

You can view the countries where the advertiser ships goods. This information will help you decide who you wish to target within your affiliate marketing campaigns.


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