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The Links tab of an Advertiser Profile shows all links available to you.

You can view links for all advertisers, even advertisers you are not partnered with. However, you must have an active partnership with an advertiser to view and use their link code.

Available Links

Links are listed by type: product links, text links, and banner links.

Not all types might be available. For example, an advertiser might only offer text links.

Up to three link cards are displayed for each link type. Link cards include the following details:

  • Information about the link depending on the link type, such as copy for a text link, an image for a banner link, or a summary and image of the product for a product link.
  • The advertiser’s name and MID.
  • Your partnership status with the advertiser.

The See all results button shows the total number of links available of a specific type, if applicable. Click the button to view more links.

Accessing Link Code

Once you have found the link you want to use, click Get Link to access the link details page and configure the link code options.

If you want to use the code without configuring it, you can also:

  1. Click the three-dot menu to the right of the Get Link button.
  2. Select Copy HTML Link or Copy URL link.
    • When you Copy HTML Link, it will copy the full HTML code of the link. If you are not posting that link to an HTML site you own and operate, use the Copy URL link to grab just the tracking URL portion.


As noted above, you must be partnered with an advertiser to view, configure, and copy their link code.

Learn more about using link code on your site.

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