Updating Marketing Channel Details


You will have created a marketing channel as part of the registration and onboarding process. To see and manage your marketing channel:

  1. Go to Account in the navigation header and click Account Details.
  2. Click the Channels tab.

The Channels tab displays each channel’s name, SID, contact person, and whether its status is active or deactivated. Check the box next to Hide deactivated channels to view active channels only. If you want to create a new channel, click Add channel.


Only master users and administrators can access the Account page, manage existing channels, and add new channels.

Channel Details Page

You can access a channel’s details page from the Channels tab by either:

  1. Clicking its name, or
  2. Clicking the three-dot menu and selecting View details.

The channel details page is where you can view and update your channel’s profile information. The progress bar on the left indicates how much of your profile is complete.

Use the navigation menu under the progress bar or scroll through the page to find and enter information for the sections outlined below.

Channel Information

Use this section to update or add any data associated with the selected channel, including:

  • The channel profile name, URL, and description.
  • Visitor and view counts. You can also link your Google Analytics.
  • Audience demographics.
  • Support channels. Common social media sites are listed here. If applicable, enter your username for the social media sites you use to support your main marketing channel.
  • The channel’s primary business model and categories.
  • Main contact information.

Click Add another channel to access the new channel creation panel.

Paid Placement

Use this section to provide details about paid placements if you offer these to advertisers. You can upload additional supporting media and placement opportunity PDFs. View an example rate card and a one-page sell sheet example to adapt for your use.


Currently, this information will not show in the Advertiser Dashboard publisher profiles.

User-Generated Content

Many websites allow visitors to post comments, leave reviews, participate in forums, and add other types of content. You can use this section to indicate whether your site allows user-generated content and provide details on the kind of content if it does.


Use this section to indicate whether you send newsletters to your subscribers.

Mobile App

Use this section to indicate whether you have a mobile application and provide information about it.

Downloadable Software Applications

Use this section to indicate whether you have a Downloadable Software Application (DSA). We have specific guidelines on how DSAs are implemented and used, and all DSAs must go through our DSA approval process. If you select Yes, the reviewed status icon indicates whether your DSA has been approved.


This is where you can see all account users who have access to the selected channel. Master users and administrators can add or remove channel users.


If your account only has a single user, you need to add a user to your account before you can add them to the channel.


In this section, you can:

Cancel Channel

Cancelling your channel will remove all partnerships currently associated with it. Once you cancel a channel, its status will be tagged as Deactivated. To reactivate, click Restore channel. Be aware that restoring will not renew your former partnerships.

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