Advertiser Invoices


The Advertiser Invoices tab of the Payment Reports page in your Publisher Dashboard lists the invoices we have sent advertisers on your behalf. Use the tab to view your commission amounts by advertiser and keep track of their payment status.


Follow these steps to view your invoices:

  1. Go to Account in the navigation header and click Payments. This takes you to the Payment Reports page.
  2. Click the Advertiser Invoices tab.


You must be the Master User or Admin to access Payment Reports.

Invoice List

Your invoices are displayed in a table that includes the following columns:

  • Invoice ID: The unique identifier for the advertiser's invoice from Rakuten Advertising.
  • Invoice Date: The date Rakuten Advertising invoiced the advertiser on your behalf for commissions due.
  • Advertiser: The name and MID of the advertiser's affiliate program.
  • Advertiser Paid: If the invoice has been paid, this is the date on which payment was made.
  • Invoice Currency: The currency in which your payment was made.
  • Invoice Amount: The total amount of the invoice. Learn more about why your payment might not be what you expected.
  • Commission Status: This indicates whether the invoice is Paid, Awaiting Payment from the advertiser, Awaiting Approval from the advertiser, or Uncollectible.

From there, you can:

  • Use the search function to find an invoice by its ID.
  • Click Filter to refine the results. You can filter by advertiser, issue date, invoice payment status, invoice currency, and invoice amount.
  • Sort results by descending or ascending date.
  • Click the three-dot menu and select View Advertiser to access the advertiser’s details page.
  • Click the three-dot menu and select Download VAT Invoice, if applicable. This option will not be available to you if you are located in a region that does not require VAT/GST.

Invoice Summary

For more information on an invoice, click its Invoice ID number to open the Invoice Summary drawer. From there, you can click Download to obtain:

  • The transactions invoice. This .csv file shows all transactions that contributed to the commission payment.
  • The VAT statement, if applicable.

The Invoice Summary also includes the following details; click the + for more information:

Invoice No
This number is the same as the invoice ID.
Invoice Dates

The three dates displayed are:

  • Raised: The date Rakuten Advertising invoiced the advertiser on your behalf for commissions due.
  • Approved: This indicates either the date the advertiser authorized payment of this invoice or whether the invoice is awaiting approval.
  • Paid: This indicates either the date the invoice was paid by the advertiser to Rakuten or whether it is awaiting payment or awaiting approval.
Commissions Earned
The amount of your commissions that qualified for payment in the network currency.
Commissions Held
The amount of commissions the advertiser elected to hold. Advertisers can hold commissions on a per-transaction basis. This is typically done if they are unsure as to the source of the transactions and need time to investigate. For instance, they may suspect certain commissions are resulting from violations of their terms and conditions, or from consumer fraud.
Commissions Carried Forward
The amount of commissions carried forward from a previous invoice when there is a prior negative balance. Advertisers can cancel transactions up to 90 days after the fact. If you earn X commissions in month A and the advertiser cancels Y commissions from prior months where Y is more than X, there will be a net negative amount of commissions. Since we never charge back to publishers, that negative is carried forward until exceeded by new commissions.
Commissions Denied
The amount of commissions for which an advertiser has denied payment in this invoice. Advertisers can deny commissions on a per-transaction basis where they are certain that some violations or consumer fraud has taken place.
Net Bonus
The amount of bonus earned on this invoice, beyond regular commissions.
Invoice Amount
The total amount that has been paid or will be paid. If this amount is not what you expected, view reasons why
Advertiser Information
This includes the advertiser’s name and MID. Click View Profile to access the advertiser’s details page.
Advertiser Lifetime Value
This indicates the total commissions you have earned from this advertiser since the beginning of your partnership, and the average time that elapses between a user’s first click and when a payment is made.

Reporting Unpaid Commissions

Most payments are disbursed on a net 35-day basis. A payment becomes overdue 35 days after the end of the month. If an advertiser has not paid your commission after that time, find their contact information and reach out to them directly to report the missing payment and get more information.

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