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A bookmarklet is a small software application stored as a browser bookmark that completes an action with the currently loaded Web page when clicked.

Our LinkGenerator Bookmarklet enables you to create links to pages on an advertiser's site without logging in to the Publisher Dashboard, making it easier than ever to create deep links. Review the list of advertisers enabled for deep links to make sure your partners are participating.

Bookmarklet Installation

To install LinkGenerator Bookmarklet, in the Publisher Dashboard go to Links then Link Tools, and then Link Generator, and follow the on-screen instructions.


The LinkGenerator bookmarklet should work in all supported browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Using the LinkGenerator Bookmarklet

  1. Browse the website of your advertiser partner for product pages you would like to link to on your site.
  2. When you have found one, click the LinkGenerator button in your browser toolbar.
  3. A pop-up window will appear with the link to that advertiser page.
  4. Cut and paste this link onto your site.

 Success Tip

You must have a relationship with the advertiser for the LinkGenerator Bookmarklet to work. Links created using the tool will be reported as deep links.

Best Practices

  • Some advertisers have multiple MIDs so you may need to know which program or MID you wish to work with and select it from the drop-down menu.
  • The u1 value is only used by some publishers for specialized tracking in Signature Reporting. If you do not use Signature, you do not need to enter anything in that field.
  • Not all products may be eligible for deep linking. This will be indicated by a note: "The URL you specified is restricted from deep linking by the Advertiser."
  • Learn more in our More Deep Links Questions.

We have another bookmarklet, Coupon Snap, that enables you to get the latest coupons and discount offers from your advertisers, directly from your browser. Check out Install and Use Coupon Snap Bookmarklet for more information.

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