Partner Tag via Performance Tag


Rakuten Advertising’s Performance Tag (formerly SPI – Single Point of Integration) can enable technologies on an advertiser’s website via Rakuten’s container tag. 


A publisher tag integration via the Performance Tag is only for managed publishers. If you have questions, contact your publisher manager or Customer Support. Additionally, this is a two-step process. First, you must seek approval from Rakuten and then get approval from individual advertisers.

How it Works

Technology publishers offer onsite functionality for advertisers, usually enhancing website features dynamically, on a performance basis. This requires script integration onto an advertisers’ site to power the technology.

A publisher tag integration means that Rakuten Advertising enables their script on behalf of advertisers, via our container tag. Some publishers that offer retargeting, exit intent pop-ups, dynamic offers, and similar technologies can quickly work seamlessly with advertisers without changing the code on an advertiser site directly. Rakuten Advertising vets publisher tags for compatibility and feasibility.

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Next Steps

Contact your publisher manager or Customer Support to start a publisher tag integration.

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