Signature Reconciliation Feed Appendix B - Definitions for Payment Reconciliation Report

This is an appendix to the Signature Reconciliation Feed Implementation Guidelines.

This Appendix concerns the Info Tag Names you will see in the Payment Reconciliation Report of the Signature Reconciliation Feed. Click the + to view definitions.

Payment Summary

Payment Issue Date
The date that Rakuten Affiliate network issues the payment. Typically, in the first five days of the month.
The check or direct deposit number.
LS Payment ID
A unique ID that Rakuten Affiliate network assigns to each payment.
Payment Type
This indicates if the payment was made via check or direct deposit and whether it is domestic (in US) or international.
Payment Currency
This indicates the payment currency.
Pay Amount
The total amount of the payment.

Payment Detail

Partner Name
An advertiser’s name as it appears within the Rakuten Affiliate network. The advertiser can alter this value without notice to either Rakuten Affiliate network or publishers.
Partner ID
Rakuten Affiliate network’s numeric value that identifies a particular advertiser. This value is a constant.
Invoice Number
The number Rakuten Affiliate network assigns to an invoice.
Invoice Period Start Date
The first day of the month.
Invoice Period End Date
The last day of the month.
Commission Amount Earned
The total commissions earned during this invoice period.
Forward Balance Amount
The amount that was forwarded from previous months.
Adjustment Bonus Amount
Any adjustment or bonus the advertiser has given to publishers. The value can be negative or positive.
Hold Amount
Any payments that were put on hold.
Payment Amount
The total commissions earned plus or minus any adjusted or held amounts.
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