Why is my invoice status set to uncollectible?


When an advertiser falls into arrears, Rakuten Advertising has a dedicated team that reaches out to the advertiser. If the advertiser does not engage, Rakuten Advertising may consider taking actions certain on their account.

After period of 18 months from our outreach, and we are still unable to collect payment from the advertiser on your behalf, the advertiser invoice status in your Publisher Dashboard will be set to uncollectible. This means that we have exhausted all possible actions on our end.

Advertisers are legally obligated to publishers to pay the commissions they have earned. Since Rakuten Advertising acts as a third-party payment processor with regard to publisher commission payments, we are unable to take further actions.

Next Steps

As the legal claim to publisher commissions lies with you, you may consider options, including filing collections against the advertiser. We are unable to file collections for uncollectible invoices on your behalf, nor can we provide you with any legal advice or instructions on how to do so.

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