New Publisher Dashboard (Beta) Tour


There are currently two Publisher Dashboards. The Legacy Publisher Dashboard is still accessible while important features are migrated to the New Publisher Dashboard (Beta).


The Publisher Dashboard provides easy access to all your information along with tools to manage your account and analyze your results. This article highlights the features available in your dashboard.


Depending on your user permissions, you might not have access to all the sections listed in this article.


Upon logging in, you are brought directly to the Overview section of the dashboard. The Overview section displays reports on your performance in terms of Commission, Average Order Value (AOV), Conversion, and Sales:

Click on the image for a larger version.


The Advertisers section is where you manage and grow your partnerships:

NPHC dashboard tour advertisers.png


The Links section is where you find and generate your partners’ link code to place on your site:

NPHC dashboard tour links.png


The Reports section is where you can run reports to track and analyze your program performance:

NPHC dashboard tour reports.png


The Account section is where you can manage your account and payments:

NPHC dashboard tour account.png


Currently, you can only set up or change your payment method settings from the Legacy Publisher Dashboard. View instructions for managing payment settings in the Legacy Publisher Help Center.


Click Search to open the search box and find advertisers, offers, or links:

Click on the image for a larger version.


Announcements regarding offers, partnership opportunities, and more are displayed in the Notifications drawer:

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Account Switcher

If your account includes more than one channel, use the account switcher to access another channel:

Click on the image for a larger version.

Nine-Dot Menu

Click the nine-dot menu to access links to the Legacy Publisher Dashboard, the Developer Portal, your profile, and to log out of your account:

Click on the image for a larger version.


You will find a support widget at the bottom right of every page of the dashboard:

HC support widget.png

Type in a keyword or question and the widget will populate with several article suggestions from the Help Center. If none of these seem helpful, click the Contact Us button to request a callback, live chat with one of our outstanding customer support agents, or leave a message:

NPHC dashboard tour support click.png

Release Notes

You will find a release notes widget at the bottom left of every page of the dashboard:

NPHC dashboard tour release note.png

Click the widget to find more information about updates and feature suggestions.

Next Steps

View instructions for logging in to the dashboard.

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