Two-Factor Authentication


Rakuten supports two-factor authentication (2FA) for the following applications:

2FA is available for all publishers but it is only enabled for those publishers who have requested it. Instructions for enabling 2FA are provided below.


2FA is an identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data. It allows businesses to monitor and help safeguard their most vulnerable information and networks. 2FA protects against phishing, social engineering, and password brute-force attacks. It secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

Enabling 2FA

Contact Customer Support to request enablement.


2FA is enabled is on a user-by-user basis, meaning it will only be enabled for the user contacting Customer Support. However, Master Users or Admins can request that the whole publisher account be set up with 2FA. This means every user on the account will be enabled.

How It Works

Once Customer Support enables your account for 2FA, an email is sent to the email address you use to log in. This email contains a 6-digit code.

When you go to the login page, you will be taken to a 2FA page where you will be prompted to enter the 6-digit code from the email. After entering it, you will be able to continue to your desired application.

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