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The Insights and Analytics Portal (IAP) is Rakuten Advertising’s unified reporting solution. IAP is built to deliver a series of intuitive reports so you can make sense of your data in a way that empowers you to make smarter, more strategic decisions.


  • Consolidated reporting: IAP eliminates contradictory data sources pulled from multiple platforms, enabling you to view your data in one place.
  • On-demand access: Access IAP whenever you want to get a quick view of current trends or for a deeper analysis to hone your strategies.
  • A quantifiable understanding: In IAP, your unique contribution footprint for brands and the interplay of other publisher models are laid out for analysis.


  • Only managed publishers can access IAP.
  • IAP is available to all affiliate networks except Japan.
  • IAP is currently only available in English.
  • There is no additional cost for IAP.


To access IAP, log in with your Publisher Dashboard credentials to the dedicated IAP website. You can also contact your account manager or Customer Support for assistance with IAP access.


We will continue to expand the capabilities available to you in IAP. Currently, the sections available in IAP are:

  • Affiliate Conversion Journey: located in the Insights section, Affiliate Conversion Journey (ACJ) provides insights on your contributions to conversions during all purchase phases. It allows you to see how you contributed to each stage in the purchase process even if you are not the last click. It also shows you the most common paths to conversion.
  • Trends: located in the Custom Network Insights section, the Trends report includes six tabs that display your period-over-period performance trends for top advertisers and categories in terms of key metrics. Use Trends to monitor, benchmark, and optimize for growth at a glance.
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