IAP Trends Overview


The Trends section of the Insights and Analytics Platform (IAP) shows your period-over-period performance trends for top advertisers and categories in terms of key metrics.

Use Trends to monitor, benchmark, and optimize for growth at a glance.

All data is based on the transaction date.


To access Trends, log in to our dedicated IAP website. From there:

  1. Go to Custom Network Insights in the navigation header.
  2. Click Trends.


Trends is only available for preferred publisher partners.

Trends Tabs

Trends includes the following tabs:

  • Summary: use this tab to view high-level insights on basic and calculated KPIs, devices, advertiser activity, and commissions.
  • Trends: use this tab to analyze your performance trends in terms of the metric you select.
  • Top Advertisers: use this tab to analyze how your partnerships are performing.
  • Top Verticals: use this tab to analyze your performance in different advertiser verticals.
  • Active Advertisers: use this tab to analyze performance changes over time between you and your advertisers’ click and order activity.
  • Details: use this tab to view a breakdown of your basic and calculated KPIs and their year-over-year change.

Each tab features specific filters.

Download Options

Each report can be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file. To download a report, open the three-dot menu on the right and click Download:

Click on the image for a larger version.

A pop-up appears. Select your format, paper size, and any visualization preferences, then click the Download button.

Further Assistance

Contact your Account Manager or Customer Support for assistance with Trends and IAP.

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