Ad Blockers and Affiliate Links


Ad blockers are applications, plugins, or browser extensions that remove or alter advertising content on a web page. Ad blocker software can impact tracking links.

Best Practices

If an ad blocker is enabled, users may not see the affiliate link and the link may not go through to the advertiser’s website. While the ad blocker is working as designed, this is not the desired outcome for affiliate marketers. You can consider using a few techniques to avoid interference from ad blockers. While these options may help address the issue, results may vary with different ad blockers.

  • Internal Redirect
    • Create an internal redirect, a page on your website that redirects to the tracking link. The ad blocker then sees the same domain as the website the link is on and does not block it.
  • Request to Turn Off or Disable
    • Turn on ad blocker detection and request that customers disable the tool or the alert to allow for the best experience.
  • Shorten Links
    • Using a link shortener tool to hide our tracking URL can be effective.

Next Steps

For more questions on ad blockers, contact Customer Support. 

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