Reasons You Did Not Receive a Commission Check or Payment


Rakuten Advertising issues payments on a weekly basis. If you did not receive a payment as expected, we recommend you check for reasons no payment was issued. These reasons may be:

  • Your commission for the period was lower than the minimum payment threshold.
  • Some of your orders were non-commissionable.
  • Your advertiser partners did not issue payments.

Minimum Payment Threshold

Payments are only issued if your commission due exceeds the minimum payment threshold.

Non-Commissionable Orders

Check to see if some orders were not eligible for a commission by running a non-commissionable sales report. This report displays all sales transactions for your account in the period specified for which commissions are not applicable.

Advertiser Partners Payments

Rakuten issues payments once commission funds are received from the advertiser and deposited in the bank. If the funds have not been received by us at the payment cycle cutoff, we cannot issue your payment. To see the status of advertiser payments, check your advertiser invoices in the dashboard.

Next Steps

If you followed the procedures above and 30 days have passed since you were supposed to receive your check, contact Customer Support and provide as much detailed information as you can, such as check number, amount, and issue date. A Customer Support agent will contact the appropriate department at your bank to verify that the check was not cashed. Your lost check will be included in the next payment cycle.

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