Partnership Status


Your partnership status indicates the relationship you have with advertisers in the network. Follow these steps to view your partnership status in your Publisher Dashboard:

  1. Go to Advertisers in the navigation header and click My Advertisers.
  2. Click Filters.
  3. Select all the Partnership Status filters and click Apply filters.


This is a list of the statuses and what they mean; click the + for more information:

You have been approved for this advertiser’s program and are currently partnered with them.
You have applied to this advertiser’s program, but they have not yet responded.
Self Removed
You have ended your partnership with the advertiser. You can reapply to their program after 15 days.
Declined (Permanent)
This advertiser has permanently declined your application to their program. You cannot reapply.
Declined (Temporary)
This advertiser has declined your application to their program, but you can reapply after 15 days.
Removed (Permanent)
This advertiser has permanently removed you from their program. You cannot reapply.
Removed (Temporary)
This advertiser has removed you from their program, but you can reapply after 15 days.

Advertiser Partnership Removal

If an advertiser removes you from participating in their program, you will receive a notification in the Notifications tab in the top menu of your dashboard.

Contact the advertiser directly if you have further questions about your status. You can find their contact information in the About tab of their details page.

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