View, Join, and Accept Advertiser Offers


You can view, join, and accept advertiser offers in your Publisher Dashboard.

As you review the offers available to you, keep the following in mind:

  • You can only participate in one public or private offer at a time per advertiser.
  • You can choose more than one special offer in addition to the public or private offer you are already in. However, once you opt into a special offer, you cannot opt out of it. Learn more about special offers.
  • You can join an upcoming offer that starts in the future without affecting the offer you are currently in.
  • You can join more than one offer if their dates and times do not overlap.

Viewing Offers

To view offers that are available to you, either:


If you are not partnered with an advertiser, you can only view their public baseline offer.

Joining Offers

The actions you can take on a public offer depend on your partnership status with the advertiser.

If you are partnered with the advertiser, their additional offers, if any, are listed in the Available Offers section of their Offers tab. To switch from your current offer to a different offer, click Join and Switch. As detailed in the Offer Terms section below, you will need to accept the offer’s Terms and Conditions in order to proceed.

If you are not partnered with the advertiser, you need to apply to join their program in order to participate in their offers.

Accepting Extended Offers

Advertisers can extend private offers to you. This might happen when a new advertiser wants to recruit you into their program, or when a partnered advertiser wants to make special terms available to you.

When an advertiser extends a private offer to you, you are notified in the Notifications tab in your Publisher Dashboard and via email. You are then responsible for accepting or declining the private offer as you will not automatically participate in an offer that is extended to you.

Offer Terms

When you click to join an offer, a pop-up appears containing the advertiser’s Terms and Conditions. These vary per advertiser, so be sure to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

You cannot participate in the offer unless you check the checkbox to indicate that you accept the terms and conditions:

accept offer terms.png

You will be notified via the Notifications tab in the dashboard menu of any changes to an offer’s Terms and Conditions.

Next Steps

Once you have accepted an advertiser's offer, learn how to find and use their affiliate links.

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  • Can offer details be accessed via the API?

  • Silas, please contact Customer Support by email at or using the Support icon at the lower right so they can understand your individual situation and personally assist you.


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