Suspending Users


Suspending a user blocks them from accessing the account. Only organization owners (also known as master users) and administrators have the permission to suspend users. This is different from removing a user from a marketing channel.


Follow these steps to suspend a user in your Publisher Dashboard:

  1. Go to Account in the navigation header and click Account Details.
  2. Navigate to the Users tab.
  3. From there, you can remove users via the Manage users tool or the Current users table; click the + for instructions:
Using the Current Users Table:
  1. Identify the user, click the three-dot menu next to their name, and click Suspend User Access.
  2. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Confirm to proceed.
Using the Manage Users Tool:
  1. Click the three-dot menu above the table and click Manage Users.
  2. Identify the user, open the drop-down next to their name, and select Remove. You can remove several users at once.
  3. Click Save.

The user’s status is immediately changed to Suspended.

 Restoring Access

If you accidentally suspended a user, view steps for restoring their access.


Suspending a user does not remove or delete their user account. The user account will still be displayed in the interface. To remove or delete a user account, the organization owner should contact Customer Support.

Additionally, you cannot suspend yourself. If there is only one user on your account, you cannot suspend that user.

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