Dynamic Rich Media (DRM) Links


Dynamic rich media (DRM) links are links that update automatically. Rather than spending your time updating promotions and links every week, or leaving links that go to expired offers, use our DRM links and they will update automatically.

Using DRM

Traditional links like banners, text, and products, require you to change link codes every time an advertiser makes an update. This happens because changing a banner or the text in a link generally causes a change in the link codes.

Unlike traditional links with an HREF to a redirect, along with an image URL, Rakuten Advertising’s DRM links are unique. DRM links contain two distinct portions:

1. Script portion: 2. Non-script portion:

The script portion is the key part of the code.

The script portion instructs the browser to retrieve and display a file that contains the link information or code. This includes code for all the text, images, and functionality of that link, including the publisher tracking code. When this displays in a browser, an impression is recorded, so there is no need for an additional pixel.

Next Steps

Learn more about using DRM links.

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