Tracking Link Performance on Websites


If you wish to track link activity from more than one site, you have the following two options:

  1. Using Signature.
  2. Setting up multiple marketing channels.


Signature is an option that enables you to track and generate more detailed reports on the commerce activity of your sites. If you use a single marketing channel, implementing Signature allows you to generate detailed reports of your separate websites. Payments for each site will be combined. Learn more about Signature.

Multiple Marketing Channels

You can set up multiple marketing channels in your Publisher Dashboard, one for each of your sites. Using different channels for your different sites allows you to track information and create specific settings for each website. Each channel you create consists of separate website attributes, reports, and user permissions. This means you can track link performance for specific sites. Learn how to add marketing channels to your account.

If you decide to create multiple marketing channels, please note the following, click + to see more information:

Advertiser Approval
When applying to advertiser programs, you should submit a separate application for each marketing channel. If you place links on a website or blog that is not associated with the marketing channel approved by the advertiser, they can remove you from their program, per their terms and conditions.
Associated Promotional Outlets
You do not need to set up a separate marketing channel for email marketing, mobile applications, and social media sites that you also use to promote affiliate links for related content. Provide your advertiser partners with information on these associated promotional outlets in the channel’s details page.

To switch channels, click on the switcher to the right of the dashboard header and select the channel you wish to manage. View detailed instructions on switching channels.

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