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Product links are affiliate links that allow you to recommend a specific product to your visitors by linking directly to it. They appear in the form of a text or image.

There are several ways to locate product links from your advertiser partners who offer them. These ways vary in terms of how much technical expertise is required. The options listed below are ordered from least to most technical.


You must have an active partnership with an advertiser to use any of their links.

Within the Dashboard

There are two ways of finding product links in your Publisher Dashboard:

  1. If your advertiser partners offer product links, these are displayed in the links tab of their details page.
  2. You can also find product links by using the search function.

Once you have found a link you would like to use, follow these steps to place the code on your site.

Advertiser Product Feeds

If you have the technical expertise and resources to develop and support a very large database of secure product link URLs and related information that is updated daily, you can use the Product Catalog data feed to get product links. Product Catalog allows you to integrate product links on your website without having to get links manually for each product an advertiser carries.

You must be approved for Product Catalog access. Learn more about the application process and view the Product Catalog Implementation Guidelines.

Product Search API

Use the Product Search API to search for product data from your advertiser partners. You can perform full-text searches for products that match keywords in certain categories.


It can take up to two hours for a product link to be updated into our database. Until it gets updated, the link will redirect to the advertiser’s homepage instead of the product page.

If your link still does not redirect properly after two hours, please contact Customer Support. You will need to provide the link code you generated, the product page to which this link should be redirected, and the date and time that you generated the link.

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